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Welcome to Esther's Blog

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2015 Out with a Bang!

I can’t believe that January is more than half over!! My 2015 ended with such huge things and I’m so excited that this year is already steaming ahead!
2015 included 3 of the biggest projects I have ever worked on, as well as the planning of the studio addition to our house.

I launched 2 videos with Interweave–  How to Spin Art Yarn

and Carding (and Combing) for Stripes;

and a Craftsy class (this link gives you 50% off the retail price)- Fiber Preparation for Spinning (and Felting and Weaving).

It was an incredible experience- I learned SO much!!  The writing, sampling (thank you SO much Debbie Bland and Bren Boon for helping with that for the Striping video!!) and the shooting was intense-and what was the craziest is that I did them all at the SAME TIME!! (that’s why I was a bit quiet here at the end of the year.  WOW that was a lot of work and travel, work and travel…)  It’s so exciting to see them all done, and have people telling me how much they are enjoying and learning from them!

I am working on some new #epicthing project ideas- but if you have something you’d like to see me teach online, or in a video please let me know in the comments!!

I’m also working on getting the studio addition project together.  We are close to getting the project underway- the first time around we had a major bump in the process… but we are back on track and hope to be breaking ground before the Spring hits.  It’s not going to be a *huge* space, but it will be enough for a few looms and spinning wheels and students to come and play in my own space.

I’ll be posting soon about what’s coming up this year. You may see a few aesthetic changes happen around the site, as I update to be more “mobile” compatible..  gotta keep up with the times! I’m also going to be focusing on my teaching/educator side, as much (if not a bit more) than the retail.  That’s been coming for awhile. There will still be fiber updates and yarns in the shop… but I’ll be on the road much more next year, so the updates will be unplanned and will be announced in the moment!  I also want to do more “short” how to videos, so I look forward to hearing what you’d like to see!!

I can’t wait to explore 2016 with you!