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Welcome to Esther's Blog

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Becoming Me. Hello, Again.

Esther Rodgers

I know, it’s been awhile. Way too long. I was here more when I was sick and in that space of recovery then I have been the last 9 months.  I’m sorry. The Universe has a way of reminding us, that as much as we want to control things – that’s just not the way […]

Creativity through Recovery- Malas

So I’m officially 10 weeks post my final surgery.  The last recovery was more difficult than I expected, and I found a surprising new outlet for meditation and inspiration. This, in turn, has been a huge help for me in taking the step back into my creative life. This journey..  from the moment we left […]

Mental Health and the Power of Creating: Fiber Arts

Meditation has been proven to help focus, reduce anxiety and increase energy.  It takes many forms; not just sitting in lotus position, chanting OM. My meditation has many forms- from coloring, and journaling, to knotting malas and doing Reiki.  May is “mental health month”, and as it’s on its final day, I thought I would […]

Healing and Recovering- Different Paths, but Both a Part of the Same Journey

Through this process of getting sick, surgeries and all that comes with “getting better”, I’m learning recovery is about far more than just the physical wounds healing. When it is said that “recovery is a journey” and “healing is different than recovering.” , I didn’t fully understand what that meant.   It really is difficult to […]