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Welcome to Esther's Blog

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My Own Creative Exploration, with a dash of Fancy Tiger Crafts!

I hear that old 80’s song in my head.. “It’s been awhiiiiile”.  I spent the last 8 weeks not teaching or doing etsy updates by immersing myself in my own creative exploration!

So what have I been doing, you might wonder?  What I realized last year among all my amazing travel, is that I didn’t leave myself enough time for my own creative play, and that’s necessary for my own artistic survival.  So I gave it to myself!! I’ve spent the last 8 weeks weaving my heart and soul.  I’ve spun a bit too.. can’t let my wheel sit for too long.. but what I’ve spun has been to use in my own woven works.

I’ve woven yardage cloth to be used in future garments,  Some for secret projects and gifts.. some for sale and some for ME!  I’ve just planned a couple really out of this world garments for a Fashion show I will be a part of in June in MN.

I’ve woven cloth that I’ve made into pillows, and I’ve woven wall hangings. OH I’m loving weaving wallhangings and pillows.  Short ideas that I have in my head that I can work onto the loom. I’m having such fun!!   These pieces will be heading to the CoutureBoutique soon!!

I’ve also been writing.. my next article is due at the end of the month and I’ve got 4 blogposts on the table.  I’ve heard the Spring issue of PLY is on it’s way to mailboxes right now! A good friend and I have great partner articles, so I’m excited to hear what people think!

On top of the weaving and writing, I’ve had a bit of travel.  First,  I spent a week at my friend’s SAORI Studio, doing a lot of personal weaving exploration.  Denise and her husband run HanDen Studio in PeachTree City, GA.  It’s an inspirational place and Denise is a wonderful SAORI guide.  It was an exciting week, and I’ll have lots more on what comes out of that later.

I also spent a week with my Husband in Colorado. We spent time touring breweries, visiting with friends, sitting in hot springs while the snow fell on our heads and poking into cute galleries.

I also had made plans to spend a day at Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver. Though it snowed 18+ inches the night before, I did teach a one day class to a handful of amazing students who made it out in the snow.  Fancy Tiger Crafts is an inspirational store full of color and texture. There’s fabric and patterns, a wall of droolworthy yarn, and trims galore!!  I was SO very impressed by the 2 huge classrooms full of sewing machines and surgers..  I just want to come back to take sewing classes!!
We had a great time blending fibers and spinning on wire and with feathers.  I look forward to coming back next year in the Summer, without the snowstorm!!
I came back for the Tues Night Knit and Craft night for a small trunk show and general crafty fun. I was able to find the perfect yarn to edge a handspun shawl I’m knitting, along with a few more skeins for upcoming projects. (GASP, I FOUND YARN TO BUY!!)  We went out for ice cream and played with yarn.. and everyone had fun!!  I really look forward to my next visit.

AND now!! Now it’s March!! There’s lots of stuff planned.. I traveling workshops are coming up!  Starting with Carolina Fiber Fest next month here in Sanford NC.  There are plenty of spots left in my classes, so please join us for some corespinning, and fractal fun!!
June’s workshops at StevenBe are just being decided now, but save the date for the fun!! We’ll be doing workshops Wed and Thurs, June 17/18 at the shop. Then Friday and Saturday is the MN Weavers Guild Conference. I’ll have a booth full of yarn, fiber and weavings with StevenBe. Then we’ll conclude the fun with one more full day class Sunday the 21 back at StevenBe.

There’s lots coming up..  I can’t wait to share it all!! But for now.. Happy Year of the Sheep indeed!