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Spin a Candidate-Primary Tuesday Concept Yarns

Sometimes, you can’t express your feelings in mere words. Sometimes, the only thing that can tell a story is spinning it into a yarn.  These last couple months of presidential candidate rhetoric has inspired such spinning.

I can’t help it. I hate the political game that gets played every election season.  Rather than actually talking about how the country can be made better, candidates throw insults and focus on petty issues.  This year, with Trump in the running, it’s become comical.  So, as I have already voiced my opinion by voting in today’s North Carolina Primaries, I have also expressed some feelings by spinning a yarn for each candidate.

You’re Fired-  

For this yarn I spun it super bulky.  I used far more gold sparkle than is necessary, as well as inappropriate amounts of shredded money falling everywhere. I also added strips of vintage orange shag trim. I think it speaks for itself.


Oh Hilary.   For Hilary’s yarn, I kept it smooth and controlled, though there are thick and thin areas- pleasing everyone.  Gold stars like the pearls, and strips of a vintage scarf- like she’s always wearing.  Bundles of money wrapped in the party’s plies.

Feel the Bern-
10334257_10207147153975717_2397000230133089348_n1391601_10207147155095745_9137855284540259956_nFor Bernie’s yarn I added pieces of a fiery novelty yarn, and wrapped sections in a “burning” silk hankie- the “people”  This yarn has cocoons of shredded money wrapped in the silk (as he’s gotten much support directly from his supporters),  as well as wispy Icelandic locks like his own.

Cruz’s Inferno-
Kind of self explanatory-  Black merino wrapped in red silk hankie. Then chain plied, and chain plied again into a 9 circle plies of hell.  Does anyone like this guy?

Too Soon-
The “youngest” yarn in the bunch- it’s got a strong core, but very little substance- lots of fluff wrapping around not enough of it’s own ideas and foundations.  Maybe it’ll be ready to go again next time around.

12829125_10207145358410829_1037360181047265770_oWe’ve got a long 6 months ahead- of ads and robocalls, debates and discussions. It’s probably not going to be pretty, in fact, it’s most likely going to be quite the opposite.  But whatever it is, it’s ours and maybe we can help shape it into what we want it to be.  Whoever you are behind, it’s important to make your voice count!  If you are in a Primary state, GO VOTE!!!

If you want to learn to spin yarns with stories, I’ll be teaching my Expressive Design class at YarnFest next month, in Loveland Co, and Michigan Fiber Fest in August.