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Stitches South with a Quickie

Stitches South was a blast, as always. We always are ready to throw down for the crazy time that happens in Hot-Lanta! This year was even better because we had a quickie visit from a good friend.

With a packed car, we breezed into Atlanta Wed night and were ready for load in bright and early Thursday morning.

The booth came together nicely as we had a large 10×20 space. There were lots of colors and textures of yarn and fiber! I was really happy about how everything looked when we were done putting it all up! Not only did we have samples for Jazzturtle patterns and yarns,  we also had the beautiful samples of Vithards patterns hanging! I feel like this is one of our best booths ever.

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I taught a great tailspinning class on Friday morning.  I had some new students and a few repeat faces from last year! It was great to see everyone spinning locks by the end of the class. Vithard taught all weekend. Everyone loved his classes and lots of people stopped by asking for patterns!  His 1sleeved poncocape was quite a hit of the weekend!! It was fun to watch the buzz he created! I’m seeing many more Stitches classes on his teaching roster in the future…

Vithard sat down at the SAORI loom across the aisle at our friend Denise Prince’s Weaving Studio’s booth. I even had some time to spin during the weekend! I love spinning at festivals, it always brings a crowd. Even at yarn events, people are fascinated at where the yarn actually comes from…
Vithard and I went to the student banquet together and sat with some great folks. Some good food and a few drinks later our entire table was swatching, binding off, or casting on for new projects..

Of course in Atlanta we eat well.. We visited our favorite Flip Burger Boutique one night, and hit a new place to us, The Smoke Ring. An amazing BBQ joint reccomended by Ron Miskin or the Buffalo Wool Co. He’s a texan, and when he recommends BBQ.. it’s best to listen! He told us all about it on Sunday, and then we went after load out and who did we run into… but Ron and Theresa back for another round!!
The weekend was over before we knew it and it was time to load out and say goodbye to Vithard. He was heading back to Denmark after just the few days, and we were heading right back to NC so I could prep for MDSW.  We had a great weekend and we look forward to coming back to Sttiches South, wherever it may be next year!
I’m working on getting ready for Shepherd’s Harvest next weekend in MN, and then my epic teaching weekend at StevenBe’s. There’s still spots left in the workshops, so stop by and sign up!
Vithard is working on too many things to even mention.. there’s the tv show and the patterns and the spinning..  I’ll leave you with a teaser for a new handspun artyarn/tailspun shawl pattern he has coming in the next weeks….