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Welcome to Esther's Blog

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Summer Adventure Part 1- Cruise to the Bahamas

What a summer it has been! Full of amazing of travels, yarn and fiber! HUGE Adventures around every corner. First I was in Copenhagen and Holland, and then only 3 weeks later, Vithard and I taught a cruise to the Bahamas!

We drove to Charleston SC (with a stop at the ever creepy South of the Border.. had to show Vithard- you can’t really explain the epic awesome fail of it over skype)  We arrived at the port, and boarded our Fantasy Fiber Cruise, hosted by Friends and Fiberworks.  We were teaching on what was a 5 night, 4 day trip, with stops in Nassau and Freeport.  Even better, some good friends joined us on the boat, so we knew we were in for a good time.

What can I say that photos can’t..    We knit everywhere.
On the upper pool deck–
_MG_1545 (Large)On the ‘serenity’ deck in the shade–
_MG_1988 (Large)
and in the sun-
_MG_1979 (Large)with friends on the deck docked in Freeport–
_MG_1837 (Large)and under the palm trees on the beach in Nassau-
_MG_1911 (Large)In the ocean looking at our boat across the water in Nassau–
_MG_1926 (Large)We knit during dinner– doesn’t everyone?
_MG_2606 (Large)
_MG_2078 (Large)
_MG_2609 (Large)
_MG_1686 (Large)
In the window of our room–
_MG_1535 (Large)and walking around Nassau in the Bahamas–
_MG_1950 (Large) And before the PJ party–
_MG_2111 (Large)

I also did a lot of spinning.. I spun all over the boat!!  My Majacraft Aura saw everything!! Vithard was very kind to carry my wheel__
_MG_2128 (Large)
On the top deck–
_MG_1549 (Large)In the knit along during the port in Freeport–
_MG_2213 (Large)With Lisa, from Friends and Fiberworks– who put the entire event together!
_MG_1614 (Large)
and between rides down the waterslide–
_MG_2566 (Large)I spun with friends, in the sun, and laughed–
_MG_1823 (Large)And I spun during sunset- inspired by the sea–
_MG_2461 (Large)
_MG_2372 (Large)We did more than just knit and spin!!  We taught classes–
_MG_1656 (Large)
_MG_2557 (Large)
We shopped for yarn–
_MG_2223 (Large)We went down the waterslides–
_MG_2257 (Large)We drank rum punch out of disco balls (yes.. that happened..)
_MG_2524 (Large)
and we drank frosty drinks in the hot tub–
_MG_1567 (Large)
_MG_1754 (Large)
We did morning yoga–_MG_2185 (Large)
_MG_1582 (Large)And dressed up at night–
_MG_1737 (Large)
_MG_2169 (Large)We caught evening sunsets–
_MG_2173 (Large)

And had some general overall crazy fun!!
_MG_1600 (Large)
There will be more cruises in my future.. I do imagine. I know Lisa is planning another one this Spring.. though I will be in New Zealand during that one.. there will be some fun stuff happening there for sure.  If  you’d like to see all the photos, feel free to check out the album here.
There is a part 2 of the Summer Adventure- Stitches Midwest and Twist Festival- that I’ll write about later in the weekend..     And Lots of other good stuff coming next week..
I’m HOME!! So there’s lots going on! Check back often!!
And of course, SAFF prep has begun! 8 weeks until ASHEVILLE!!!