Welcome to Esther's Blog

Welcome to Esther's Blog

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A Tour Through My Studio

I’ve gotten lots of requests to show off my “batt cave”  It really is a ‘cave’ since I only have an 11×10 room as my studio- but I have made it into a very special creative home.

I’ve used EVERY bit of available space.. with plying yarns and locks in over the door shoeholders, fleece hanging in an over the door hamper, and a shelving unit designed as a closet organizer..  but it does very well NOT in a closet!!  There’s more wool stuffed into this room than I ever imagined possible!!  All the different colors and textures are a constant source of inspiration.

There are fleeces stuffed in every corner, and lots of sparkly bits to catch the light.  I also have an evergrowing collection of Sheep Incognito prints that I love to death.   I do have a large family of carders- a vintage fricke coarse cloth, 2 louet classic (one only for teaching), a louet elite and a strauch mad batt’r.  I do all my carding in this studio, so I have all my add in’s- fibers, wools and textures.  I also keep my spinning fiber in the studio, and bring out to the living room what I am going to spin that week. (I spin in front of the TV.. I do love my Mark Harmon)


And if you ever find yourself in North Carolina, please come by and play!!