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Coming Full Circle- Stitches South, Maryland Sheep and Wool and Carolina Fiber Fest

Wow.. I can’t believe it’s been a year since the first big fiber festival I ever vended.. Carolina Fiber Fest 2010.  SO MUCH has happened in the last year.. and I’m still trying to process it all.. I’m still trying to figure how how i’m going to DO IT all.. but it’s all a work in progress.. balancing all the travel and inventory.. and MAKING all the inventory.. it’s mindboggling, still to ME!!
Carolina fiber fest is a wonderful festival.. close to home with great friends.. but I had NO idea what I was in store for when it came to Stitches South.  Sure.. a big show I was told.. I expected it with the expo setting… I spun what I thought was ‘enough’ yarn..  I bought some new fixtures and I was ready to go..  so I thought..    We got to Atlanta and started setting up our booth.. and realized that what I thought was a ‘professional’ booth had NOTHING on some of these folks.. they used gridwalls like I’d never seen before.  But I was happy with my booth.. and I’m thrilled with how it continues to manifest in new festivals..    but here’s the Stitches South set up..

So much color!
Art Batt Wall
Yarns, soaps and wearables
Felted art soaps, hanging skeins of yarn and fiber jewelry
spinning fiber
Hand dyed luxury tops

What a wonderful show!! NEW friends.. new contacts, new new NEW!! It was just fantastic and I look forward to a long relationship with Stitches Events!!

Then less than a month later it was onto Maryland Sheep and Wool festival! I was honored to be a featured artist in the Cloverhill Yarn Shop booth! This is one of the longest running booths in festival history, and one of the most visited! It was PACKED in the booth all weekend and my yarns and fibers were very well received.

Jazzturtle Inventory
All the Pretty Fibers at the CloverHill Yarn Shop booth

I spent the weekend bouncing between the Cloverhill booth and spending time helping my friend Lexi Boeger (Pluckyfluff) at her educational booth.  We had the new Majacraft Aura spinning wheel available for trying out, as well as a Louet Classic carder out for carding.  There were LOTS of yummy fibers to try for carding and spinning!  It was a wonderful booth full of things to touch and play with!!

Majacraft Aura spinning wheel, with Lexi's yarn
tailspun yarns
Taispun Beauties- Lexi's tailspun and My tailspun

It was a blast to teach all weekend!  We had kids, adults.. men.. women!! Every shape and size person sat down at a wheel or took their try at carding..

lexi teaching
lexi teaching on the aura
carding too
Lexi taught carding too

Oh.. I didn’t mention that Owen and Glynis Poad, the makers of the amazing Majacraft spinning wheels, were there as well?  Oh. .well they were! They are wonderful folks, and I can’t wait to get them to NC for SAFF (thinking 2012…  I’m going to make it happen!!)    We all had a wonderful time spinning and hanging out…

spinning art yarn
Lexi and I having some spintime
Lexi and Owen
Spinning is fun

OH.. and fleeces.. DUH!!  I came home with THIRTEEN fleeces.. amazing all of them.. curls and crimp.. crosses and ribbon winners!  I have SO many fun fleeces to play with this summer and fall!! I can’t wait to get started!!

Fleece Haul for Maryland- 13!!

Oh.. and speaking of ribbon winners…
I entered some yarn into the skein and garment competition and I WON.. AND I entered a couple of my triangle shawls that I wove on my loom.. and I WON!!

Handspun Triangle loom saori shawl
Blue Ribbon winner
Handspun Triangle loom saori shawl
Red Ribbon winner
Yellow Ribbon Tailspun Art Yarn
Yellow Ribbon winner- Handspun Art Yarn Basket

So after a wonderful weekend that Maryland was (we’ll talk more about the goodies I came home with in another post- as well as the FANTASTIC nuno class I taught on Friday.. that also deserves it’s own post) Only 10 days later was Carolina Fiber Fest 2011..  full circle.

Booth is looking good!
Handspun Art Yarns
Art Fiber Batts galore!

It was a wonderful weekend.. again full of friends and local fun!  I taught some wonderful classes and we were in a large new building, that brought in lots of new people!!

SO.. there was my crazy busy spring…  and now I’ve started working on the summer and fall!! Next on the schedule is the Asheville Summer Retreat in July.. vending and teaching there..  THEN Stitches Midwest, last weekend in Aug, in Schaumburg IL..  THEN a week with Lexi at her hometown workshop.. THEN home to get ready for SAFF in Oct!!

I have a few posts in the works.. had some wonderful workshops I can’t wait to tell you about.. but until then..  hope your dyepots are colorful and the yarn on your wheel sparkly!!  The Tour de Fleece is around the corner.. I hope you have dusted off your wheel.  I’ll have a big update before so you can stock up.. with a discount code taboot.  watch for the announcement this weekend!