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Stitches Midwest, 2011 – Thank you Schaumburg!

We had an AMAZING time in Schaumburg IL at Stitches Midwest! Once again, we had a great booth location and had a constant stream of people every day! It was only our second Stitches event (the first being South, this past April), and though it is a bigger event. I felt like I still made the same connections with customers and other vendors!

We had a beautiful booth- I had LOTS of yarns and a wall of batts!  I’ve been trying to have as many of the Extreme Tailspun Fringe and Cloudspun yarns as I can create- and I still manage to sell out by the second day!  I was super lucky that the show is close to my hometown, so I can stay at my Mom’s for some extra fun.  My sister was able to come by on her way home to MN as well. She’s a photojournalist! She grabbed our camera for a few min and took the most amazing shots!

I also managed to do just a *bit* of shopping.  I’ve really wanted to play with the Habu Stainless Steel/Silk yarn- I have dreams of using it as warp on my loom.. so I jumped on the chance to stop by the Habu booth and pick up a bunch of cones to see if I can create what I’ve envisioned.  I also picked up a huge woven ‘knitting’ basket. I’m going to try to limit the fiber in my ‘to spin now’ pile to this basket.. well.. after SAFF that is.    I was also given the most BEAUTIFUL necklace by a customer (and if this is YOU please email me! I can’t find your card and I really want to link back to your shop!) She bought a bunch of my new hand dyed silk cocoons and the next night she came down with this beaded necklace.  There’s a small piece of parchment in the cocoon for the wearer to write her hopes/dreams/wishes..  I was so honored that she would give me the first one she made!


It was a great show and I can’t wait until Stitches South in April! We have to miss East because it’s the same weekend as SAFF here in Asheville, and I’m not yet sure how we can get out to West.. so for now, East and Midwest will be our for sure Stitches Events! See you in Atlanta!