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Thankful, and a Chat with Knit Collage

This week I got a chance to chat with the lovely Amy Small, of the awesome yarn company, Knit Collage, on her Podcast.
It was serendipitous that our chat went live on Thanksgiving, because we talked quite a bit about celebrating life and being thankful for the things we have and love. We also talked about inspirations, , current reads, and one of the meditative ways I used weaving to get through recovery . You can check out the podcast here-
Knit Collage Podcast

I have said many times over this past year, how thankful I am for community, for my art and just for still being alive. I love the way the air smells in the Fall, the way the leaves crunch under my feet and the colors.. oh the colors. I feel like I missed the entire Fall last year.. and this year I’m loving it even more.

23120385_10212148004393852_2747109228305415613_oI had a wonderful SAFF!! It was so amazing to hug everyone I don’t remember hugging last year LOL!! I was just shocked at how many people told me they were just amazed that I made it this far, and how many people were praying for me. Again, so thankful.

So tomorrow the remainder of my inventory is going up into the shop. Through Dec 1, use the code COMMUNITY2017 for 10% off your order (excluding tools and DVDs).

Thanks again, for being there for me this past year. Next year may it be one of heath and wellness for all of us!! I’ll have a surgery update on Monday, with news from my new surgeon!