Welcome to Esther's Blog

Welcome to Esther's Blog

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Tour De Fleece Day 3- Happy 4th of July!

Today was a wonderful day!! I spent it with my Aura.. spinning extreme tailspinning, locky yarns with coils, corespun yarns with sequins.. It’s fun to keep myself spinning new things every day!!
I also had  a few beautiful dyepots turn out to spin tomorrow, as well as finished washing a few batches of beautiful alpaca.!  Here’s a peek of the yarns that I spun today. I have a few more planned for tonight…


Tomorrow begins my major prep for the Fall shows- Asheville Retreat, Stitches Midwest and SAFF.  My goal is 4 yarns a day and 10 batts a day- give or take a few.  Add to that washing fleece, and 6-8 dyepots (of fleece or top).  I hope to keep this schedule up so I can have more than enough inventory for the festivals and don’t have to worry about much more than restocking inbetween.
I’ll have lots of photos to share as I go. I also hope to have one more update before Stitches Midwest. Probably right after Asheville!! I’ll keep everyone updated as I come closer to the date!