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Tour de Fleece Day What?

I know..  I totally failed my Tour de Fleece goal of posting my progress everyday! I have such high goals for the beginning of the tour.. I do spin everyday, but it’s the time it takes to take photos and POST progress that always gets me!! So here’s the past few days- I think we’re on day 20!

I’ve been spinning my tush off to prepare for my fall shows.   I also felted a few hundred “sushi” style beads. I will make these into jewelry, use some in art yarn spins and the rest will go into the shop in colorway sets.

felted beads
Felted Sushi Bead- roll and cut

I spent the last weekend in Asheville, at the Friends and Fiberworks Summer Retreat (more about that in a separate post).  I taught everyday, and I got yarn spun each day as well!!

I’ve also been washing wool, dyeing wool and carding wool.. an endless cycle!  I have exactly 4 weeks until I have to send my inventory out for Stitches Midwest! My weekly goal is 25 yarns and 50 batts.. then each week I want to complete one large project- felt 60 soaps, dye 30lbs of top, make a bunch of shawls (felt and weave) and jewerly and make 50 nunofelting kits.  I have lots of work to do, but I’m excited to see it all come together.

I do have some plans for a small shop update before Stitches. I’ll post more details about the date and time as I figure them out!
Tomorrow is CHALLENGE day for the Tour.. I’m planning on something THIN (because that’s a challenge for me!) What are your challenges for tomorrow?  Until then.. SPIN ON!