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Playing with Texture- Weavings for the Walls!

I love weaving. It’s such a fun way to play with texture.  When weaving wall hangings you can just explore different textural ideas, without worrying about drape or hand of fabric. Without those boundaries, there’s a lot of things that can happen within the cloth. Handspun creative yarns really sing when woven within these pieces.
I have woven these hangings on my SAORI loom, but I have my Majacraft loom warped up as well with another textural idea that can only be accomplished with the movable segments.  It’s fun to think of my warped loom like a canvas where I can paint my masterpiece.

I’ve been playing with size.  I love weaving small prayer flags.  I weave these with certain intention and hope the energy passes onto the owners.  I love their small size but powerful impact.  These small flags are great for mixing and matching into a space as well. I enjoy making sets like the “Past Present Future” flags I did for an art show this past winter.

_MG_7433.CR2 [etsy]
_MG_7429.CR2 [etsy]
I have also been having a great time with natural colored fiber and crazy texture.  It’s so fun to use yarns in similar colors but different weights and textures to create colorplay effects.  Using these fibers together highlights their beauty in the natural colors they have.  I’ve also been experimenting with weaving unspun fiber- fleece and locks puff up when woven without twist.  In this I used some fluffy merino/possum/cashmere, bfl/cotswold and leicester longwool locks, angora bunny, alpaca locks and merino top.
_MG_7424.CR2 [etsy]
For this one I used a mixed fleece tailspun yarn from my Nakedspun collection, along with a number of unspun bits of alpaca fleece, angora bunny fluff and merino top.
_MG_7420.CR2 [etsy]
These natural pieces are also great with just a hint of color.  In this first one I used a touch of eggplant with extra long tailspun yarn.
_MG_7446.CR2 [etsy]
And with this one I played with texture by keeping the color palette in black and grey, but having yarns of different weights and textures. I also added just a touch of neon highlighter yellow that really pops against the black.  There is a touch of cormo fleece in the neon, along with black merino top and grey alpaca fleece.
_MG_7411.CR2 [etsy]
These weavings will all go into the boutique in the next couple of weeks. If you see something you like that’s not in the shop yet send me a note!