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YarnFest to PlyAway, Oh What a Spring!

The past 6 weeks included 2 of the most epic events- YarnFest in Loveland Colorado, and PlyAway in Kansas City Missouri.

The last weekend of March,  I joined a great group of knitters, crocheters, weavers and spinners, to take over (as much as possible) the Embassy Suites, in Loveland CO for YarnFest. We were gifted with beautiful weather, and the sun glinted off the peaks of the mountains.    It was 4 solid packed days of classes and a bustling market!  There was a lovely banquet and a wonderful keynote talk from Clara Parkes.    I taught colorful classes in Art Yarn 201, Fiber Prep, Color Blending, corespinning.. and more!
12891110_10207363739590222_941905771475504231_oI was so lucky because my husband joined me on this trip. After the event, we spent a night at our favorite hot springs, in Buena Vista. At the base of the Collegiate Mountains- a group of mountains that top 14,000 feet (or 14’iers as Coloradans call them)  Knowing I had another couple trips so close together, we enjoyed a relaxing evening, and morning floating in the pools before heading home.

I had enough time to measure out new supplies, do laundry and repack before it was time to head to Kansas City for the first PlyAway retreat.  Spinners came from all over the world- as far as Iceland, Norway and the UK to join teachers from all over North America and some of the best fiber vendors for 4 days of spinning and fiber fun!!
We certainly took over the Westin in KC, with wheels and looms and yarn!  Jacey did a fine job of organizing amazing classes and a killer line up of fiber educators!!  (I even had a life goal met- of getting my last name on the back of a “concert shirt”
13002331_10207499525424783_4833638953495149661_oEvents like this are extra special, because we as teachers only get to see each other so often- so having all of us together was super fun, and we took as much advantage of it as we could.
Classes and classes and classes.. from Deb Robson teaching about the 3 leicesters, Abby teaching long draw spindling and Amy’s Color ESP class.. there was Jillian’s spinning batts class and I taught all things fiber prep..  it was an amazing line up!!   And that didn’t even include the massive Spin In or Christina Pappas’ super interesting keynote talk!
13047795_10207518412936959_337464004197107177_o I can’t wait until next year, for BOTH events!  Next year’s PlyAway will be about the 3rd years 4 issues- cotton, texture, fine and singles..  so there’s lots of info to cover and I have so fun classes in mind!

So now I’m doing laundry and repacking to head to Sarasota this weekend for a special one day workshop with Debra Lambert at Picasso’s moon (there are 2 or 3 spaces left, see the flyer for registration info), and the Cigar City, I Got A Beer Art Show, at the Tampa taproom Sunday May 1.  I’ll be back May 2 and there will be a large etsy update and lots more coming this Spring!

Registration is open for Palouse Fiber Fest in Moscow Idaho in June, John C Campbell’s week intensive class at the end of July, as well as Michigan Fiber Fest in Allegan Michigan in Aug!  There’s lots of great classes coming up! I hope to meet some of you soon!