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Boot Toppers go Celebrity!

Who knew that the boot toppers would be this much of a craze?  Well.. I knew.. but that’s another story! This October I had the first pair go to a celebrity!! I’m SO excited!!

This past October I took a night off from prepping for SAFF and had a date night with my husband. He works at a merchandise fulfillment house, and one of his clients is Bonnie Raitt. When he told me that we not only had tickets, but backstage passes to her show at DPAC, I already knew what boots I was going to wear, and what toppers with them (The show stoppers of course- red snakeskin and black leather, with my black wensleydale lamb toppers!)

jazzturtle handspun yarnWe had a lovely dinner and the show was fantastic. She even gave my husband a shout out during the show by name, and thanked him for all the hard work he and his company does for her. How awesome is that!

After the show we went backstage to say hello and thank her for the tickets. When she came into the room she immediately commented on how much she loved my boots and toppers. She was very interested when I explained to her the process- from washing the fiber myself, and that I had spun the yarn and then the toppers had been knit by my friend.  She asked a lot of questions and really loved the fact they had been worked from raw wool all the way to the finished couture.
jazzturtle handspun yarnJust as I had hoped earlier in the evening would happen.. she was thrilled when I offered them to her. *never say wishes can’t come true*
She was so nice and said this was the “perfect gift to give to someone who has everything” She said she has a rockin’ boot collection (of course she does!) I know they are the perfect accessory! I’m working on some matching armwarmers that she said she’d like, so hopefully this isn’t the first Jazzturtle Couture that she’ll show off!

It’s all about the boot toppers..  There are PLENTY of tailspun yarns in the shop to make your own! The pattern is free on Spin Artiste!

There are a few projects up on the raverly page! If you have made a pair be sure to link yours so we can all see! Boot toppers will take over the fashion world!  I will be making up some finished ones for the shop as well. I hope to have some by the end of the month

Boot Toppers at SAFF (Deb, Dawn and myself)