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Welcome to Esther's Blog

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My New Partner- SAORI Loom is Here!!

I’m so excited! I have been wanting a SAORI loom for a couple years and I finally have been able to purchase one for my studio. This loom is amazing and is the perfect partner to textured and artisan yarns! I feel like my other half has arrived!

My first project was on the 100 thread wool black prewound warp the loom came with (one of the wonderful things about this loom is that you can purchase prewound warps, so you just have to thread the heddles and reed, but don’t have to actually wind and beam the warp! how AWESOME!)  I used a mix of commecial yarns (DK alpaca, noro, sockyarns, vintage chenille and some sequins novelty. ) I added unspun top, locks, angelina and yarn scraps.

After weaving I fulled slightly and then pressed. It was just over 7inches wide and 6 meters long. I cut the panels into 8 equal panels, then cut 2 panels on the diagonal.  I sewed 2 panels of 3 and then sewed the diagonals together to make triangle inserts.  I twisted the fringe and make a a waistband from cotton and a vintage bedsheet tie.

I am so excited about my little A-Line miniskirt! I have put together a small slideshow to show the fabric and finished project! I am so inspired now.. I can’t wait to get back to my loom!!