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Welcome to Esther's Blog

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Sweet Home Chicago- Stitches Midwest

I always look forward to Stitches Midwest, because it means a trip home! I get to mix business with pleasure as I stay with Mom, see all my friends and eat all my favorite goodies! This trip didn’t disappoint in anyway!

We had a great time this year at Stitches Midwest! The vendor floor was full of amazing and colorful yarns, fiber, buttons, shawl pins and more.. it made my head spin. I made my be-line to Habu for my bi yearly haul (lots of new raw silk/stainless steel!) and tried not to get distracted by all he pretties…

The booth was rocking the entire show! My friend Renee, from Carolina Fiber Company, was there to hang out the entire weekend. The surprise seller of the show-Funky Dreadfalls! I sold out of them, plus made a few custom sets onsite! I’ll be sure to have lots more of those at SAFF!  Highlight of the show was watching the NakedSpun Duster that Deb Lambert knit from my art yarns walk the fashion show runway. Once again it got a gasp of delight. Thanks to Benjamin for letting me come and see the show!

Enjoy some photos from the weekend and we’ll be seeing you for sure next year in Schaumburg!